I was blessed to have Debbie Duffy represent me as my agent in the sale of my condo. From the outset, Debbie was prompt, courteous, focused, professional and a great listener who came up with great ideas as to how to approach the sale. She also was able to think outside the box with creative/innovative solutions to anything that came up. As well, her insight and input during the listing process was invaluable in getting the condo ready for the open house: setting us up to get “top dollar”. Her incredible attention to detail and organization abilities helped me navigate a multiple offer situation that had a lot of moving parts and to make the best decision for my needs. Last, she was right on tip of it in navigating and coordinating the closing process – including keeping us on track when an issue came up with the title. Debbie goes above and beyond for her clients. She clearly not only enjoys people but loves her job. It shows: Thank you Debbie for all that you did for me.

Randy & Traci Sawtell

What can we say, Debbie put up with us for over a year until we found what we were looking for. We live in Maryland and her assistance and understanding was more than could be expected being so far away from NH. Debbie explained everything we needed to know about buying property there and ensured that I was getting the best value for my money. I can’t wait to work with her again, although next time I will be closer after I build. Thanks Debbie!

Dave McGraw

Debbie helped me locate my first piece of real estate….a lot on which I’ll be building my first home as well. Having no prior experience at all with real estate, I was pretty clueless to this and so much to learn. I’m sure I asked considerably more questions than the average customer but Debbie was absolutely fantastic. She went great lengths to carefully explain things to me and always with a kind and patient manner.

Katherine Moody

Debbie Duffy rode out all the challenges of my recent transaction without missing a beat and with thoughtfulness throughout. If you are thinking of doing a sale without her, please rethink. She is the consultant who can get you through the obstacles, pitfalls and unexpected "surprises" in a timely fashion. Selling or buying real estate is too complex to try it without her.